Trading logbook update: 22-Nov-2013

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OK, logging my trades in the forex market, as I promised in the last post.

FYI, I am a daily trader, so you will see me holding positions over several days. Last week, I performed some real account trades accordingly to my models, opening positions at several currencies pairs. You can see the detailed information in the table below:

Ticket Date Transaction Currency Pair Price Relative Balance
1362844650 2013-11-20 23:00:22 Close Trade USD/CHF 0.91738 1.08
1362844642 2013-11-20 23:00:16 Close Trade EUR/CHF 1.23149 1.05
1360865177 2013-11-19 01:04:03 Sell Market AUD/USD 0.93788 1.05
1360865168 2013-11-19 01:03:59 Close Trade NZD/USD 0.83213 1.05
1360033467 2013-11-18 02:06:02 Buy Market EUR/CHF 1.23416 1.03
1360033461 2013-11-18 02:05:58 Buy Market USD/CHF 0.91494 1.03
1360032042 2013-11-18 02:00:11 Buy Market AUD/USD 0.93982 1.03
1360032001 2013-11-18 02:00:06 Sell Market NZD/USD 0.83540 1.04
1356809252 2013-11-13 21:27:53 Sell Market AUD/USD 0.93724 1.04
1356809209 2013-11-13 21:27:47 Sell Market GBP/AUD 1.71226 1.04

As you can see, I have yet some open positions because I am waiting to see how these positions evolve over the next week and, obviously, because my models do not signal me to close these trades... yet ;-)

As a plus, I have added a new column to the table containing my Relative Balance (because it is not probably a good idea that you know my current balance), and after this week, we have an overall net profit of 8%. You have to take into account that I have set up this account to trade at a high risk profile... so understand this net profit in terms of this high risk.

Finally, I have also decided to live tweet the trades from this account, so if you follow me on twitter, you will see these trades on real time, or you can wait to the Fridays when I will post another sheet of this sort of logbook.

Good weekend!


Don't forget this blog post is an ipynb file itself! So, you can download it from the "Source" link at the top of the post if you want to play with it ;-)

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