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Reveal.js-powered IPython slides

Do you want to build amazing slideshow with IPython?

You can easily do it now... and get slides like this portfolio ;-)

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vIPer is an application specifically designed to work with IPython notebooks.

With vIPer you can:

  • Write and execute IPython notebooks.
  • Generate static html views of IPython notebooks.
  • Generate slideshow views of IPython notebooks.
  • Split your screen to see how your changes in the current notebook are rendered in html and slideshow views.
  • Record audio and video from your IPython sessions.
  • Surf the web.

And more is comming...

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IPython plugin for Nikola

Do you love blogging? and use IPython for all your daily task?

Ok, if you are a Nikola (static site generator) user, now you can use IPython as a UI to write your blog post!

And the plugin is available inside Nikola!

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Nikola themes

Do you want a html-slideshow-based theme for you site?

OK, you have one below:

  • Reveal.js-based theme for Nikola

And IPython-specific themes to use with the IPython plugin for Nikola

  • jinja-site-ipython-theme-for-Nikola
  • xkcd-site-ipython-theme-for-Nikola


reveal theme

jinja theme

xkcd theme

IPython Plugin for NINJA-IDE


Because I work with IPython in a daily basic and I think that it would be a great to get a plugin for NINJA-IDE.


I use qwebkit module to get a minimal browser to embed it into a plugin, provided the support given by the NINJA-IDE API. I started to write some code to get a functional working prototype. Later, I found devicenzo coded by Roberto Alsina and I take some code to improve the previous one. Now, I have a version (this one, 0.15) ready to release to the public, so here it is...


Linkode (kilink)

Linkode is the useful pastebin!

It's a kind of "short living collaboration space", a "dynamic pastebin".

It's live right now in linkode, give it a try!

Some awesome detailes:

  • you can create linkodes anywhere, whenever, and effortesly.
  • editable texts, not static!
  • every new edition creates a child: you have a tree
  • code/text type autodetection (and coloring!)
  • permantent linkodes (but still the owner can remove them)
  • absolutely anonymous (unless you login, which is dead simple)
  • private URLs: because you can not guess UUIDs

You will love it!

Btw, I developed the "intelligent" code/text type autodetection (and coloring!)



Waliki is an extensible wiki engine based on Flask.

doc and demo It's a fork of Alexander Jung's wiki project with few improvements:

  • extensible architecture
  • a pluggable Git backend: version control for your content!
  • reStructuredText support
  • simple caching
  • autolinking of internal pages (in reST)
  • codemirror support

In this case, I developed the codemirror support.


Scientific Python

Do you want to use Python for you daily scientific flow...

Ok, I will teach you how...

Here you have a tutorial explaining how to use Python libraries for your research!


And more...

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