A little hack to get a pdf from your IPython slides

A lot of users of the slides option in IPython.nbconvert asked me about how to get a pdf from the generated Reveal.js-based slideshow.

To make the story short, here you have the detailed steps:

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Zen mode extension for the IPython notebook

I write a lot stuff inside the IPython notebook.

And I thought it would be great to have a sort of Zen mode for the notebook...

I mean, a peaceful user interface to write my blog posts (and other stuff, of course).

So I wrote a little js extension which give me this Zen mode.

You can see some screen shots below:

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Make your slides with IPython

With the integration of nbconvert inside IPython, the last 1.0 release has the possibility to export the ipynb to other formats such as rst, markdown, latex, html and slides (info).

The slides option generates a Reveal.js-powered HTML slideshow, like this one:

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One line deployment of your site to gh-pages

Do you want to easily deploy your site to Github pages?

OK, here we go...

  1. You have to upload your complete blog/site to a new Github repository (you know how to do it... if not, probably you need to learn some things before try this one, hehe). As a plus, now your blog/site is version-controlled!

  2. Almost for sure, your site/blog lives in the master branch of the new repository, but you need to generated a gh-pages branch to push your build or output folder, I mean your site/blog content to deploy... not all the machinery of your site/blog platform (Nikola in my case):

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IPython plugin for Nikola updated

I am pleased to announce the new version of the IPython plugin for Nikola.

This new version has been incorporated into Nikola master a few weeks ago, so it is now available in the last release of Nikola, 5.5.1.

Now that IPython has achieved the 1.0 release, and with the incorporation of nbconvert as a part of the IPython machinery, the IPython plugin no longer needs to use a customized version of the old nbconvert, instead it is now using the the power of the new IPython.nbconvert infrastructure to export the ipynb files to HTML pieces to be rendered by Nikola.

With the simplification of the infrastructure, it is now easier to setup your blog to use the plugin following this five steps:

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Teasers with the IPython notebook plugin

Just a little tip...

You know that Nikola support TEASERS... if not, you can read more about that here: teasers_info.

In a few words, if you don't want to show the complete content of your posts at the index page, but instead display only the beginning of them, you only need to add a "magical comment" in a markdown cell:

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SciPyCon Argentina 2013

This is the first SciPy Conference in Argentina (as far as I know, it is also the first one in Latin American).

It will be held from 16 to 18th of May in Puerto Madryn, at the Patagonia Argentina (more details at SciPyCon homepage).

Under the Sea... en La Plata

Han pasado casi tres semanas... El 2 de abril cayeron sobre la ciudad de La Plata casi 400 mm de agua en 24 hs, concentrándose la mayor parte de dicho caudal en dos o tres horas por la tarde, lo que dio lugar a la más grande inundación que la ciudad haya registrado en toda su historia.

Reveal converter mini-tutorial

Alert! This post is outdated, please goto ;-) this link to get updated information.

After some weeks of work and a lot of useful colaboration with the IPython team, we now have the reveal converter merged in nbconvert (a conversion utilities for the IPython notebook format).

Currently nbconvert is being rewritten... but we also have a reveal converter in the new codebase, so you do not have problems if you begin to use it now, you will be able to use it tomorrow :-)

I wrote a little tutorial (a reveal-based notebook slideshow, of course) about how to use reveal converter option inside nbconvert

Blogging with Nikola and IPython

Alert! This post is outdated, please goto ;-) this link to get updated information.

NOTE: Obviously, this post was written in the IPython notebook and was rendered by Nikola (helped by nbconvert).


NOTE: The theme was tested with Nikola version 5.1