Slideviewer: a simple way to share your IPython slides

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Short Notice:

After some months of silence, I am back... A lot of things have happened in my life lately, some of them are really good things... some others don't. And all those things kept me very busy, but finally I have made me some time to write again! ;-)

OK, I have a long list of news, topics, ideas and developments I want to share with you, but we have to begin with one of them, and the chosen one is Slideviewer.

When I was at SciPy 2013, one of the talks I presented was about the IPython slides (if you dont know what I am talking about, just check some of these posts). And one of the last things I presented in that talk was an early prototype of Slideviewer, an NBviewer's clon, but able to render IPython slides instead of plain IPython notebooks (.ipynb).

The main idea behind Slideviewer was to provide you an easy way to share your IPython slides. As I pointed out in older posts and comments, you can deploy your IPython slides (the slides.html file plus the reveal.js library) using Github pages or any other service, but with Slideviewer, you only need to host your .ipynb somewhere (ie, Github repo, gist, etc.), and just pass the url to the Slideviewer service (the same way you do it with the NBviewer service) which will render your .ipynb to an IPython slide automagically.

Slideviewer will follow NBviewer updates once a week, as close as it can be, essentially because some things are relevant for both apps, but others don't.

And, in the future, we can probably merge the Slideviewer app onto the NBviewer app, but we need to make some things first, so I think is useful to have a separate service running right now, to help people to easily spread their IPython slides.

Slideviewer lives here (for now): and you can see it iframed below:

If you have an IPython slides worth to be included in the main page, just let me know and I will add it.

Note: Slideviewer does not support custom.css from Github (because Github does not serve the css), but you can always use another place to host your .ipynb and custom.css or change the html source code pointing to another url where the css was deployed and served. If you need help with this issue, let me know. I will try to figure out a native solution soon.

OK, I hope you find this service useful!

See you soon.


Don't forget this blog post is an ipynb file itself! So, you can download it from the "Source" link at the top of the post if you want to play with it ;-)

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