Binder + Nikola + Jupyter + Github = Blogging resourceless

You are in vacation time but you want to blog something nice to share with your friends.

And your blog is powered by Nikola.

And you are a Jupyter Notebook user.

But you don't have your laptop with you, because you are on vacation time, remember? ;-)

But you still have your phone and some connectivity.

What do you think if I say that you have a complete workflow to write your blogpost, build the site and deploy it just using your phone? But without using computational resources from it (that would be also interesting, btw).

Don't you believe me? Just read this post and I will show you how you can make this possible... and fun!

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RISE 5.1.0 is out!

We're pleased to announce the release of RISE 5.1.0!

RISE allows you show your Jupyter notebooks rendered as an executable Reveal.js-based slideshow. It is your very same notebook but presented in a slidy way!

What are the new goodies for this release?

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We are above 1000 stars!

Github has a way to measure projects popularity through stars.

And those stars are given by the users themselves.

And we are just above a remarkable line...

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Trading logbook update 3

OK, I have run my models again and it was time to enter the market.

Early today, I opened two positions:

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RISE meets JupyterLab

JupyterLab is the future for the notebook/authoring experience.

And people started to ask me if we will have RISE on JupyterLab

Do you want to know the answer?

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RISE 5.0.0 is out!

We're pleased to announce the release of RISE 5.0.0!

RISE let's you show yout Jupyter notebook rendered as an executable Reveal.js-based slideshow. It is your very same notebook but in a slidy way!

How you can get it?

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RISE 4.0.0b1 is available, please test it!

Quick post! I have beta packages available for you to test RISE, if you can test it that would be awesome!!

In case you don't know about it, with RISE you get your Jupyter notebook rendered as a Reveal.js-based slideshow, where you can execute code on the fly or show to the audience whatever you can show/do inside the notebook itself (but in a "slidy" way).

How you can get it?

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How to pin Conda

One interesting advance feature in Conda is the capacity to pin packages from your environments so they can not be updated at all. If you are interested in that specific version of some package and not the next one because it breaks your work completely or for some other reason, you are probably pinning that package. If you are adding the specific version in every command you run instead of pinning the package, you are doing it wrong and you should keep reading ;-)

But, is it possible to pin Conda itself so it does not get updated every time you try to install/update something else?

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Coming back

OK... two years since my last post... exactly. Time goes fast, really fast! And a lot of things happened in the last two years.

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Zen themes updated

OK, time to recap some things... As you know, Nikola 7.0.0 was released some weeks ago. It has a lot of improvements, bug fixes and new features. I recommend you to download and try it! As part of the release, we paid attention to update all the plugins and themes inside the Nikola Github organization (don't forget you can contribute with your own plugins and themes!). So, I updated my own themes, in particular, the Zen ones.

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