Zen themes updated

OK, time to recap some things... As you know, Nikola 7.0.0 was released some weeks ago. It has a lot of improvements, bug fixes and new features. I recommend you to download and try it! As part of the release, we paid attention to update all the plugins and themes inside the Nikola Github organization (don't forget you can contribute with your own plugins and themes!). So, I updated my own themes, in particular, the Zen ones.

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48 themes for your IPython notebook

OK, a short post to give you some material to play with over the weekend ;-).

Today, I woke up early and whereas I was drinking a mate (a native drink here in Argentina) for breakfast, I remember a tweet from Nikhil Sonnad where I was mentioned:

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Loader and Writer, IPython nbextensions to easily edit your text.

Coming back to the nice practice of release my own IPython nbextensions, today I will release two extensions I use a lot in my daily workflow: loader and writer, useful extensions to load files into the IPython notebook and to write the content to the same (or another) file.

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