RISE 4.0.0b1 is available, please test it!

Quick post! I have beta packages available for you to test RISE, if you can test it that would be awesome!!

In case you don't know about it, with RISE you get your Jupyter notebook rendered as a Reveal.js-based slideshow, where you can execute code on the fly or show to the audience whatever you can show/do inside the notebook itself (but in a "slidy" way).

How you can get it?

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How to pin Conda

One interesting advance feature in Conda is the capacity to pin packages from your environments so they can not be updated at all. If you are interested in that specific version of some package and not the next one because it breaks your work completely or for some other reason, you are probably pinning that package. If you are adding the specific version in every command you run instead of pinning the package, you are doing it wrong and you should keep reading ;-)

But, is it possible to pin Conda itself so it does not get updated every time you try to install/update something else?

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Coming back

OK... two years since my last post... exactly. Time goes fast, really fast! And a lot of things happened in the last two years.

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Zen themes updated

OK, time to recap some things... As you know, Nikola 7.0.0 was released some weeks ago. It has a lot of improvements, bug fixes and new features. I recommend you to download and try it! As part of the release, we paid attention to update all the plugins and themes inside the Nikola Github organization (don't forget you can contribute with your own plugins and themes!). So, I updated my own themes, in particular, the Zen ones.

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48 themes for your IPython notebook

OK, a short post to give you some material to play with over the weekend ;-).

Today, I woke up early and whereas I was drinking a mate (a native drink here in Argentina) for breakfast, I remember a tweet from Nikhil Sonnad where I was mentioned:

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Loader and Writer, IPython nbextensions to easily edit your text.

Coming back to the nice practice of release my own IPython nbextensions, today I will release two extensions I use a lot in my daily workflow: loader and writer, useful extensions to load files into the IPython notebook and to write the content to the same (or another) file.

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Slideviewer: a simple way to share your IPython slides

Short Notice:

After some months of silence, I am back... A lot of things have happened in my life lately, some of them are really good things... some others don't. And all those things kept me very busy, but finally I have made me some time to write again! ;-)

OK, I have a long list of news, topics, ideas and developments I want to share with you, but we have to begin with one of them, and the chosen one is Slideviewer.

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My IPython-powered semi-automatic git workflow

This is the last post of this year, so I try to do my best to give you something interesting to think about...

In this case, I will show you my git workflow... and you know there are a lot of workflows out there... and probably better than mine, but I just want to share with you the place where I find myself comfortable.

And yes... my git workflow is also powered by IPython (I am very repetitive when I love a project!). And it is a semi-automatic one, using the IPython notebooks (ipynbs) as a sort of templates, transforming them into a new conceptual entity: the ipytmpl (and yes, I love to invent names too!).

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Deploy your Nikola-powered blog content from the IPython notebook

Following the idea to release all the extensions I had working on in the last few weeks/months, today I will release an old but very useful IPython notebook extension for people blogging with Nikola: the nikola_deploy extension.

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A 'poor man' spell checker for the IPython notebook

OK, today I will release another IPython js extension: Spellchecker, which obviously do what you are thinking... spell check the content of your IPython notebook cells.

And why it is a poor man extension? Because it is a simple workaround to get the spell checker functionality and not a broad solution... but it works, and solve my spelling problems!

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